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I'mBhanu Pratap

Developer and Startup entrepreneur

Born to a working-class family, I sight on journalism while studying at Geethanjali College. After working on news segments for the school's radio station, I joined Travellers' Times. In 2011, Pratap showed his versatility with recurring photography. The next year he Started working as Travel Photographer, Access Bollywood. My coverage of the devastating Food epidemic in Hyderabad prompted the journalist Take Action Bollywood!, which works to raise social awareness and improve human conditions through Short-films. He started working for profile building and event coverage to the artists like DJ NYK, Neha Bhasin, Neha Kakkar. In 2016, I'm Verified by Google and Become the first Google Trusted Photographer in Hyderabad.

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Front-End Development

Over four years, I have provided may services to different companies. Im always ready to help you for your queries related to flash website designing and development, web portal designing services, CMS website designing, website redesigning, web designing services.I hav good amount to teaching knowledge on Robotic Automation Process (RPA).


My photography services are available to existing clients, whatever the project we can build a team to fit your photography brief.If you require fresh photography for your website or printed materials – why not let us take care of everything for you.

Google Trusted Photographer

Apple Final Cut Pro X Certified

Adobe Premiere Pro Certified

Google StreetView Photographer

TS Tourism 2016 Best Photographer

Microsoft Certified Professional






Best Photography awards


Pro Night Aerial Shot

Neha Bhasin Indian pop singer

DJ NYK in Hyderabad | Rana Pratap Chowdary© Team™

Neha Kakkar

Haunted Factory Promo

Prideful moments with ministry of home telangana


The Hon'ble Home Minister

MenInAction |Radhika'X'Roads |20-04-2014

Date: 20 Apr 2014
Time: 3:30PM-6:00PM

Place: “Radhika X Roads”

Topic: #streetPhotography, Documentary on Traffic awareness

Reason behind this Event: In the present busy life we people don’t even have patience to stay in traffic just for two minutes. This weekend I just wanted to know how the people work in such a huge traffic in order to fill their bellies. So, I just turned other side of my coin Me with my friends went for Street Photography in order to have documentary on “Men In Action” in traffic surrounded with pollution& Sounds. It was Great time over there and could gain some knowledge. Thank you My team for your support and your presence without which this would not be possible

Description: we are not part of any Social Organisations; we are not NSS –Team.
"We, like minded people, walk with the camera in the streets for the photographs on week-ends.
On this weekend i with my team are walking at My Place. Interested #cameraBuds can join with me in this evening."

Talk with C H Malla Reddy, Member of Parliament from Malkajgiri, Telangana by Rana Pratap Chowdary

Go Vote | Your Vote, Our Future

Early General Election will be called which will have huge implications for this country for the next generation. 

Who is chosen to lead us, will determine where we are going politically in the years ahead. 

The people, who will choose those leaders, will be the Irish people. Your family, your friends, your neighbors.. But most importantly YOU!!!
But you cannot be part of this, unless you are registered to vote. 
This is an appeal to you, if you haven't done so already, to get on the electoral register, and to engage in the electoral process. 
Don't let others make the choice for you. 
This page is being set up to answer whatever questions people have about registering and voting, and all information will be given out impartially without sponsoring or supporting any political party or independent candidates. 
However, I would welcome any input from people whose aim is to see that people get the vote that they are entitled to. 
I will provide links on the pages, and in the discussion section advising people of how to register to vote, and what information they may need. It really is as simple as filling in some forms, and sending them free to your local county council offices. 
Please pass this page on to as many friends as possible. 


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