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Go Vote | Your Vote, Our Future

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Early General Election will be called which will have huge implications for this country for the next generation. 

Who is chosen to lead us, will determine where we are going politically in the years ahead. 

The people, who will choose those leaders, will be the Irish people. Your family, your friends, your neighbors.. But most importantly YOU!!!
But you cannot be part of this, unless you are registered to vote. 
This is an appeal to you, if you haven't done so already, to get on the electoral register, and to engage in the electoral process. 
Don't let others make the choice for you. 
This page is being set up to answer whatever questions people have about registering and voting, and all information will be given out impartially without sponsoring or supporting any political party or independent candidates. 
However, I would welcome any input from people whose aim is to see that people get the vote that they are entitled to. 
I will provide links on the pages, and in the discussion section advising people of how to register to vote, and what information they may need. It really is as simple as filling in some forms, and sending them free to your local county council offices. 
Please pass this page on to as many friends as possible. 


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