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MenInAction |Radhika'X'Roads |20-04-2014

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Date: 20 Apr 2014
Time: 3:30PM-6:00PM

Place: “Radhika X Roads”

Topic: #streetPhotography, Documentary on Traffic awareness

Reason behind this Event: In the present busy life we people don’t even have patience to stay in traffic just for two minutes. This weekend I just wanted to know how the people work in such a huge traffic in order to fill their bellies. So, I just turned other side of my coin Me with my friends went for Street Photography in order to have documentary on “Men In Action” in traffic surrounded with pollution& Sounds. It was Great time over there and could gain some knowledge. Thank you My team for your support and your presence without which this would not be possible

Description: we are not part of any Social Organisations; we are not NSS –Team.
"We, like minded people, walk with the camera in the streets for the photographs on week-ends.
On this weekend i with my team are walking at My Place. Interested #cameraBuds can join with me in this evening."

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